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Café Tyrol




Cafe Tirol - THE Steakhouse in Mayrhofen

Trading since1997, the Steakhouse welcomes you to divine pleasures of the palate! Join visitors from all over the world to savour fine food, wines and second to none sumptuous steaks!


The Steakhouse - for meat lovers...

Along with their team, Alexander and Verena Tiebel-Kröll spoil you with the culinary art of fine food and drink. Our specialised and extensive menu invites you to taste, feast and experience!

What is so special about the Steakhouse

Our Café-Restaurant and Steakhouse is centrally located on Mayrhofen's main street, right next to "Parkplatz Mitte" car park.
The restaurant team bring irresistible delicacies to your table! Our wide selection of great food ranges from chamois dumpling soup, carpaccio from alpine steer, roasted pork and beef goulash to sirloin steak with onion sauce, "Tyrolean Gröstl"  (roasted potatoes with meat) and homemade "Bratwurst" sausage. Vegetarians are offered delicacies such as local chanterelle mushroom dishes, homemade ravioli and pasta, as well as fresh and seawater fish.

Kitchen open until 22:00 hrs.




Weekly menu

Haus-Essen im Steakhouse Tirol in Mayrhofen im Zillertal

Wir bieten unseren Gäsen neben den normalen Speisen auch täglich verschiedene "Haus-Essen". Guten Appetit!


Steaks for Ladies and Gentlemen

It is our steaks especially that have everyone talking. We serve up delicious specialities such as the New York Strip Steak, Cowboy Ribeye Steak, Sirloin Steak, T-Bone Steak or Porterhouse Steak. Of course, we also offer fillet and rump steak in all variations.

Accompanied by delightful drinks

In addition to specialty beers and refined spirits, we serve wines from Austria, Italy, France, Spain, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, Australia and even the country where wine originates from, the Lebanon.

Cafe Tirol in Mayrhofen - Steakhouse with Style

We endeavour to make the time you spend with us a special and enjoyable experience... We are more than happy to accept table reservations or requests under
+43 5285 62320, or just use our enquiry form.


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